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Private classes

Various private classes available


















If you miss two or more sessions of a level class, you can join in on one session of another class. 

In every session of an Aerial Silk Vienna level class we repeat the new material of the previous session. That means you won’t miss anything if you can’t attend once. If you miss more than one session due to injury or illness, write us on an email before the day of the class. In that case it might be possible for you to come to the session of another level class (if there are free spots). Please write an email with a detailed explanation to office@aerialsilk.at



If you can’t attend a session of an Aerial Silk Vienna level class or workshop, you may give the class to another student. However, this needs to be confirmed by or office via email. If someone else is coming instead of you, send an email to office@aerialsilk.at at least 48 hours prior to the session including all details of the class/workshop, your name and the name and email address of the student who is attending on your behalf. 

You can either give the session to someone else for free or charge them an adequate amount for taking  your spot. Aerial Silk Vienna will not refund any missed sessions or charge the person who’s coming instead of you. 

Please note that in order for someone to drop in on a class, students have to meet the classes requirements  (e.g. for a session of a level 3 class, the students has to have completed level 2 and all sessions of a level 3 class that have already passed (if someone is dropping in on the third session, they should have completed the first to sessions ) . For an advanced workshop a beginner workshop is a prerequisite, … .


You want to join in for just one session (for training purposes)? Just write us an email and let us know which class you’re interessted in and we’ll check whether you can drop in somewhere.
 You can only drop in if there are free spots in that particular class and if you meet all prerequisites. 

 A drop in lesson costs 25 €. 

You can drop in to an Aerial Silk Vienna level class even though you missed the first session, but only if there are free spots. If you already completed the level class once and would like to book it as a repetition or training, you may join in at any time. If you want to participate in a class  that has already started but is not fully booked,  just write an email to office@aerialsilkvienna.at. Obviously, you’ll only have to pay for the sessions you’re attending and not the ones you already missed.


Classes and workshops that have already been booked are non-refundable. You can however give or sell  your spot to another student. This needs to be confirmed by our office. If another student is taking your spot, write an email at least 48 hours prior to the class/workshop  including the name and email address of the student who is attending on your behalf. 

Aerial Silk Vienna will not refund any fees, it is up to you to charge the person who is taking your spot. 



The participation at Aerial Silk classes and workshops is only permitted to individuals who are in a good physical condition. In presence of illness or pregnancy the participation in ASV classes and workshops should be approved by a physician.

Regular (adult) classes are recommended for students aged 14 and above. We do, however, offer specific kid’s classes for a younger audience. 
We don’t have an age limit, everyone is very welcome to join!