Jill Franklin – Aerial Physique

Jill Franklin von Aerial Physique war bereits zwei Mal bei uns und hat uns beide Male mit ihren genialen Workshops und ihrer gewinnenden Art begeistert.

About Jill:
As a teenager I admired the aerialists in Cirque Du Soleil shows but never ever thought it was possible for me to fly through the air with such grace and ease.  I assumed someone would have to begin something like that as a child. Little did I know later in life, I would prove myself wrong. At the age of 21, I moved to New York City to try my luck in the world of dancing and acting on Broadway. After a few months of pursing Broadway, I was craving something new. Aerial classes had been on my to do list for years, but I was always too scared to give it a try.  I assumed it would be way too difficult for me and didn’t want to look or feel silly.  Finally, I decided to get over my fear and take a class.  I went online, found a class, signed up and made myself go.  I fell in love, instantly. In the beginning I was awful, I had no upper body strength, no sense of awareness when I was upside down, I had a huge fear of heights and the whole experience made me a nervous wreck! But there was something magical and empowering about it.  So I decided to dedicate my time, effort and sweat into the art of aerial silk. In a matter of a few weeks and consistent classes, I had more strength than ever. My overall confidence in my body and in life, began to soar.  Within just a couple of years, I became a professional aerialist traveling  the world performing.  It took patience, hard work and guts, but I achieved something I never thought possible. I hope that I can inspire you to do the same.