Aerial Cruise Croatia 2018





hosted by Aerial Silk Vienna and Aerial Sea –

We’re happy to announce that in 2018 we’re going to set sail again for our exclusive and unique aerial retreat on board a sailing yacht! Is there a better way to discover the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and the hidden bays of Croatia’s many islands whilepursuing your passion for aerial arts? A journey like no other awaits you – don’t miss out on that once in a lifetime trip!

WHEN: August25th – September 1st 2018*

* Please note: Latest possible arrival is at 19:00 on August 25th, on September 1st everyone goes off board at 7:00 (it’s not possible to leave early, so make sure you have enough time to catch your flight/bus!)

WHERE: Split area, Croatia

PRICE: € 1.390.- | early bird discount if you book before December 31st: € 1.260.-
* A deposit of € 400.- must be made upon booking, full balance is due until March 31st 2018




Wake up at a different spot every day. The first thing you’re going to see when you step on deck in the morning is the fabrics floating above the turquoise water. What adventure are you going to have today? Throw on one of our mermaid tails to dance underwater or even up in the air in our aerial net. Explore new spinning techniques on the trapeze using the water below you or try out a new drop and let the silks catch you just above the surface. Relax during a yoga session on the beach. Enjoy the sun and let the wind play with your hair while you soak in the sea breeze. Get a front row seat for beautiful sunsets and a sky full of stars. Let us show you the hidden treasures of the Croatian islands and make some unforgettable memories. This cruise is anything but ordinary!



What‘s included

  • ~  Accommodation on board the sailing yacht (cabins with twin or bunk beds)
  • ~  6x Breakfast, 6x lunch, 3x dinner (except for 3 nights when we spend the night at a port);
    water, orange juice, coffee, tea
  • ~  All fees (harbor dues, docking fees, permits, tourist tax, …)
  • ~  One aerial workshop; you can book additional workshopsfor 25.- per class
  • ~  All side activities like yoga or (night) snorkelingWe also have a few surprises in store for you
  • ~  All aerial and rigging equipment (silks, hammock, net andtrapeze), plus mermaid tails. Open training sessions daily!
  • ~  Two skippers and two aerial instructors will be on boardto keep you safe and comfortable at all times
  • ~  Aerial Cruise Croatia welcome packWhat‘s not included
    • ~  Travel costs to/from the marina
    • ~  Travel insurance (obligatory)
    • ~  All expenses ashore




We chose the material that we teach in our workshops carefully so you can get the most out of this unique training situation. Since we’re teaching off a boat, spotting is difficult and you’ll mostly have to rely on verbal instructions. Wind and wet feet or equipment can be quite challenging – however, in other ways they‘re even helpful. You might not be able to use some of the tricks we teach back at your studio, but you’ll be inspired by the radically new ways of dancing with your apparatus.

You can choose one workshop upon signing up for the Aerial Cruise (included in the price). Once we filled all of the spots of the retreat, we will open registration for the remaining spots of our workshops (€ 25.- per class). Workshops are limited to 4 students per class. There will also be two rigging points available for self-practice. That way you can decide whether you prefer to train on your own or work with experienced instructors.


Here’s a short description of our classes:

Don’t Fight the Elements (Silks)

Learn to get creative and let the elements work for you instead of fighting them. Footlock on wet silks? Great, a double wrap will do! The wind stole your fabrics? It’s going to be a magical moment for the camera! In fact, many tricks work much bet- ter or look even more beautiful when they’re manipulated by the sea (breeze).

Mermazing Net

This workshop is perfect for mermaids at heart… Performing on an aerialapparatus with a mermaid tail is challenging, but there’s no better way to play in our aerial net! Move like the waves and explore new tricks that don’t require you to straddle your legs (fun factor guaranteed!). Thanks to the low rigging you’ll be close to the water, which allows for a beauti- ful synergy of aquatic and aerial dance.

I Dare You (Silks)

“If you fall, I’ll catch you” – the Sea.
Have you ever wanted to try a scary drop and then decided against it because – even though you use mats – you don’t want to crash down? Well guess what. The sea is kind of like a foam pit. In this class we’ll get your adrenaline level to rise. So dive right in, pull some amazing stunts and maybe even learn to master a trick that you wouldn’t have tried back at your studio.

Getting Wet (Dance Trapeze)

For all you ocean souls, water lovers and mermaids in spirit. There won‘t be a dry eye on the boat! In this workshop we will have the sea as our perfect dance partner to perform a romantic duet. She will get us spinning, embrace us softly when we fall and make us feel weightless. Single Toe Hangs have never been that easy. Or comfortable!!



Staying Dry (Dance Trapeze)

You love the sea but you‘d rather admire it from a safe dis- tance than dive right into it? Fear not, this workshop might be for you! We can‘t promise dry feet (and you will still have to swim back to the boat) but for this trapeze sequence we will solely stay above the bar, using the ropes as our ally. We will get our aerial brains going and our spirits soaring, dancing above the teal waves.

Into the Vortex (Silks)

If you love spinning, you should get on board with this work- shop! We let the water help us in generating a spin. The splas- hing water will make for a great special effect. Don’t worry – if you do end up creating a vortex, just hold on tight to your silks!

Duo Silks

Two aerialists, twice the fun! With one partner starting from the water, performing together is different from a studio set- ting. Being the base could mean catching a mermaid from above – or whirling your fisherman friend around from below…

Duo Net

The aerial net looks so natural, hanging off the sailboat. After this class, you’ll never look at fishing nets the way you used to. In your mind, you’ll see yourself twirling around in it to- gether with a friend. We’ll teach some sequences that we’ll later connect to a choreography that you’ll perform with one of your fellow sailors.

Disclaimer: No fish will be harmed in this workshop!

Mermaid Swimming

Be water, my friend! Rather than an aerial, this is an aquatic workshop. You’re welcome to use our mermaid tails whenever they’re not needed in one of our classes, but in this work- shop, we’ll show you the right fin-technique that allows you to move gracefully underwater – just like a mermaid. You won’t even need your arms! It takes some getting used to, especially because you can‘t use your feet either… Before we start swimming with our mermaid and merman friends un- der the sea, we’ll also do some helpful breathing exercises. With the help of our instructor, you’ll be racing fish in no time!



What to expect

The Aerial Cruise is perfect for people who – like us – miss their aerial apparatus when they’re on vacation and for those who dream of rigging above the sea. Our workshops are sui- table for students with an intermediate level experience, the material we teach was specifically created for or adjusted to the unique setting of the cruise (see workshop descrip- tion for a taste of what have planned for you). You can opt not to book any extra workshops, there will be open training sessions every day (at least two rigging points). You’re also free to join our fun side activities. You’ll have plenty of time to relax as well – we want it to be a perfect mix of action and relaxation.

We’re convinced that you’ll have the time of your life at our Aerial Cruise, but we also want you to know what to expect (and what not to expect). So here’s a few things to keep in mind:

~ Here’s more or less what living on a sailboat is like: you can sort of think of it as camping on water. Your rooms will be small, so bring only what’s necessary (We‘ll send you a helpful packing list in time). The bathrooms are also only as

big as they need to be (you’d be surprised how little space is necessary 😉 ). There’s a kitchen with a gas stove and a fridge and everything is stored in special cupboards so that nothing can fall out while we’re at sea. Space it tight! But: you won’t be spending much time below deck anyways. And who needs a big shower when you’re surrounded by the sea?!

~ We have a limited amount of water while we’re out and about. That is to say that long hot showers are not always an option. Our tank will be refilled every other day when we get to a harbor (you can shower there for as long as you want to). Don’t worry though, we have plenty of drinking water with us. ~ You won’t be able to charge your electronic devices on board, except when we’re wired to shore power. There are standard European power sockets that you can use when- ever we are at a marina or a port (again, every other day). While we’re at sea there’s only a 12V socket (like the ones you would find in cars). We recommend you bring a power bank if you don’t want to run out of battery. We also have internet access when we’re docked, but you might not always get a connection when we’re island hopping. You’ll be too busy to be spending your time online anyways 😉



~ We’ll have breakfast and lunch on board every day. Breakfast will include bread, cheese, jam, peanut butter, yogurt, granola and fruit; for lunch we mix up delicious salads. When we spend the night in a bay, we’ll also have dinner on board. We’ll provide the ingredients and the recipes but – as a crew – we’re going to prepare our meals together. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are going to be vegetarian so that no one is excluded and we can all eat together. Please let us know ahead of time if you have any allergies or intolerances. We’ll take turns in doing the dishes (obviously, there’s no dishwasher on board). Whenever we spend the night at a port, we won’t have dinner on board, since there are many restaurants in town. You still have the option to cook though, if you prefer that.

~ Our route and all activities depend on weather conditions. Luckily, there‘s hardly any bad weather days in Croatia around that time of the year (let alone more than one in row), but in case we do face rain or stormy skies, we might have to change the schedule or cancel activities.

~ You will get wet during training. The best way to get on the apparatus is to swing off the boat. After your turn, you get in the water and swim back towards the boat.
~ We will provide the following aerial apparatuses: silks, trapeze, net, hammock. Unfortunately, we can’t bring any “bulky” equipment (e.g. lyra).

Please don‘t hestiate to get in touch if you have any further questions!

Sea you soon!