Jenn Bruyer

Jenn has been immersed in aerial arts since 2008. She is driven by her focus on silks and sling (hammock) but also enjoys exploring cord lisse, trapeze, lyra, net and rope & harness. She has coached, choreographed and performed across the US from New York to Alaska. And has recently resettled in Seattle, WA after completing a 5 month 25 city workshop tour. As an Aerial Coach, she seeks to provide the highest quality progressive instruction to aerialists of all abilities from novice to professional performer. Her mission as a human is to cultivate a warm, non-judgmental learning environment that fosters community, to build personal physical and emotional strength within the individuals who participate in this environment and methodically construct a vehicle by which to create art. Learn more about her at or follow her on instagram @heelhang


Jenn Bruyer will be teaching the following workshops:

‚Obscureography‘ for Fabric
A skillfully curated selection of surprising transformations evolving out of unique but accessible shapes and seemingly dynamic manoeuvres. Movement examples may include: exploration and alternatives to ‚Belay‘, direction changing drops, non-manual wraps, alternative variations of wellknown skills and of course, obscure aerial items of interest. Aerial fabric is a limitless source of creative freedom, problem solving and personal discovery. Discover my particular brand of aerial panache! Together we will balance strength, poise, personality and transitional intricacy with beautiful equilibrium.

Level: Familiarity with windmill (wheeldown), understanding of the four basic locks: catchers/hipkey/s-lock/u-lock,
ability to be in the air for up to 2 minutes
Dates: So, 20.05. & Mo, 21.05.
Time: So 12:00 – 14:00 & Mo 17:00 – 19:00
Place: Domgasse


Flashy Skills (Fabric)
We’ve all seen it… That routine that looks so showstopping but seems so simple we can’t help but think… I can do that. And, you can. In this workshop we will learn how to add some flash without breaking the bank. Not every jaw dropping skill has to be terrifying, impossibly painful or require some super human strength. We will explore some really accessible skills that will add some extra sparkle to your routine. Students can expect to work on: simple but surprising drops, flips, unexpected set ups for standardized skills and showy poses.

Level Familiarity with windmill (wheeldown), understanding of the four basic locks: catchers/hipkey/s-lock/u-lock,
ability to be in the air for up to 2 minutes
Dates: So, 20.05. & Di, 22.05.
Time: So 15:00 – 17:00 & Di 17:00 – 19:00
Place: Domgasse


Dance Fabric
It’s not all triple stars and slack drops my friends… aerial fabric comes in all sizes and styles. In this workshop we will explore fabric transitions, skills and ideas as they relate to and transition to and from the floor. You can expect supported floor work, spins, mounts, descents, loops, knots, locks, poses and more. Intended for those who want to enliven their floor transitions for existing fabric work or reimagine how to use a small space.

Level: Open to most aerialists with fabric experience‘ Suggested: ability to invert from the floor, ability to double crochet, ability to hold your own weight in the air, experience with footlocks.
Dates: So, 20.05. & Mi, 23.05.
Time: So 17:30 – 19:30 & Di 17:30 – 19:30
Place: Domgasse