Jill Franklin

Jill Franklin is coming back to Vienna!
Jill Franklin is the founder of Aerial Physique. She is also a celebrity trainer and author of numerous books including Beginners Guide to Aerial Silk, Intermediate Guide to Aerial Silk, Aerial PhysiqueFIT, Aerial Silks Coloring Book & Cirque Coloring Book. She maintains a highly sought after You Tube channel and a web based video site, Aerial Physique TV. Jill is also a clothing designer with a line featuring the J-Boss & K-Boss Jumpsuits, specifically designed for aerial work! Jill has a certifiable Aerial Teacher Training Program based in the U.S. On a global scale, Jill renews her vigorously intense teacher training course to hundreds of eager students throughout Europe, Thailand and China. Jill maintains complete course offerings annually in countries such as Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand and others. Jill‘s Aerial Physique Inc., has a new World Headquarters in Shenyang, China. It is the largest aerial teacher training venue of its kind, helping develop hundreds of aerial instructors from across the globe. Jill‘s definitive and precise teaching expertise, enables instructors to better teach their own students with new, innovative and exciting aerial silks skills with its ever-changing artistic format.


Jill will teach the following workshops:

Instagram Fan Workshop – Mixed Level
Learn some of Jill’s most liked Instagram combos& skills!
Special requests are welcome in this workshop.
Level Students must be able to invert in the air, perform foot locks & hip key
Dates Sa, 05.05. & So, 06.05.
Time 14:00 – 15:30
Place Domgasse


Drop & Flip Workshop – Int/Adv
In this workshop you will learn a variety of creative drops & flips on the fabric.
Take your skills to a whole new level!
Level Students must be able to invert in the air & feel comfortable with drops
Dates Sa, 05.05. & So, 06.05.
Time 16:00 – 17:30
Place Domgasse