Julia Langenberg

Mit Julia Langenberg hat uns eine erfahrene und vielseitige Luftartistin besucht, die unser Fabric Brain ganz schon herausgefordert und uns so näher zum Tuch gebracht hat. In Contact-Impro Workshops konnten wir eine neue kreative Seite in uns kennenlernen und nicht nur mit dem Tuch, sondern auch mit einer Partnerin oder einem Partner spielerisch connecten.

Julia Langenberg is an international aerial performer and coach. She is a two-time finalist in the US Aerial Championships and recently returned from coaching aerial fabric in Germany, Italy, Mexico, and the Netherlands. Cirque du Soleil contacts Julia several times a year to employ her talents for their shows.

Julia‘s aerial career began 12 years ago dancing on the sides of buildings with Blue Lapis Light before landing the principal aerialist role at SeaWorld, where she performed on silks, lyra, trapeze/bungee, and harness over whales and dolphins in the shows „VIVA!“ and „Azul.“ She toured internationally with JAR Productions, performing acts on silks, lyra, sling, and partner acrobatics. Julia is a graduate of the New England Center for Circus Arts Professional Track program, where she majored in silks and minored in an invented ground apparatus she calls a „ground halo.“

In addition to her performing career, Julia built an aerial community in San Antonio, TX, where none existed before. Her dedication to teaching, performing, and recruiting other professional aerialists to the area lead to the formation of Aerial Horizon, San Antonio‘s only aerial performance company and school. Aerial Horizon is known for creating innovative and meaningful art on the ground and in the air.


For more information: www.aerial-horizon.com