Gunnar Field

Gunnar Fields not only inspired us to continue working on our handstand practice, but he really equipped us with the necessary tools to stay confident and motivated through our journey. The progress we saw over the three day workshop alone was incredible. Gunnar merges traditional Mongolian contortion with rhythmic gymnastics to create a unique blend of active flexibility techniques and training styles. Gunnar trained at the Mongolian State Circus and Beijing International Circus School as well as extensively in Gymnastics. Gunnar has accumulated over 25 years of training spanning over 5 countries. In this time he has developed an in depth knowledge of contortion, hand balancing and circus arts. His training in Acrobatics has provided him with a vast well of skills and teaching techniques to pull from. As a coach he interacts with is students through serious positive empowerment that he mixes with his unique sense of humor and high energy attitude. One of his proudest moment as a coach has been to see his student, Lisbeth Mikoleit, grow and expand her own twist on contortion. Gunnar has honed his creative thought process and enjoys providing his students with fun and memorable experiences.
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