Ariadna Vendelova

Ariadna Vendelova lives in Košice, Slovakia. She is an aerial dancer, choreographer, performer and yoga teacher, focused mainly on aerial silks (fabric) and aerial hoop (cerceaux). She works, creates and performs at various events and productions together with her aerial dance companies LA LYRA & ARIADNINA NIŤ, cooperating with dancers, musicians, theatrical groups, photographers.
Her approach to movement in aerial arts is greatly influenced by yoga, dance improvisation and nature. In her aerial training she either likes to go into very clean technical practice which brings deep awareness, clarity and fluidity of movement, but she also very much enjoys to search for one´s authentic self, exploring natural ways of moving, and, most importantly, bringing dance and personal expression into aerial acrobatics. In movement, she works a lot with breath, spirals, centering, quality of movement, and moving with intention and understanding.
She was a finalist of Cyrkulacje 2018 (Lublin, Poland), U.S. Aerial Championships 2016 (NYC, USA) in 2016, and placed 1st and 3rd at International Aerial Acrobatics Championships in Budapest (Hungary) in 2016 (hoop, fabric).



Ariadna will be teaching the following workshops:


This workshop will focus on discovering some interesting transitions and “ways in and out“ of well known tricks and moves, from one into the other.
We will work on sequencing, trying to blend the otherwise separate pieces into one continuous movement flow on aerial silks, step by step. Finding variations of entries and exists in and out of routine moves can refresh our movement material and helps in avoiding stereotypes. It is an important choreographic tool. The focus will be also put on movement quality and precise technique.

Very good knowledge of basic silks vocabulary, footlocks, hip-key and straddle-up (inversion) done easily, comfortable with basic drops.

Dates 16.11., 18.11.
Time 18:00 – 19:30
Place Domgasse


This choreography class will challenge our creative and explorative skills.
We will work together on building up an aerial silks sequence using a basic, pre-given structure, but searching for originality in transitions and poses on the silks. This class will teach us the logic behind a good, fluid, expressive and unique sequence, which is an essential choreographic tool for all aerial/movement artists. We will also work on finding moments of personal expression, as well as creating harmony on the level of movement dynamics and sequence structure.

Very good knowledge of basic silks vocabulary, easily executed at least two following straddle-up climbs, strong and comfortable in front and back balance and drops of different kinds, being able to “stay up in the air” and work on silks for 5 continuous minutes.

Dates 16.11., 18.11.
Time 20:00 – 21:30
Place Domgasse