Oskar Mauricio

We were thrilled to have Oskar Mauricio back in November 2018 to teach rope and straps. His unique way of connecting movements and flowing from one shape to the next gave us a taste of that effortlessness we all strive for.
Oskar’s workshops are based on the awareness of the space-time of our body in the air. And how the circular sensation in the exploration of the movement, harmoniously or unintentionally, can take us to personally unique and infinite spaces in our language. Like animals expressing their being through their conscious instincts and their body awareness, we will liberate ourselves from any tension or habits that are preventing us from finding our natural way of moving. Every time more and more, we forget as an aerialist, in emphasizing the importance of simplicity and of the whole path that our body and mind inhabits when suspended itself, whether in favor of an exercise, transition or a simple climb.

His artistic interest began in 2007, when he was introduced to street art, Contemporary african dance and fire manipulation, through a group of young performers in the neighborhood where he was living at that time in Ciudad Bolivar, Bogota.
During his time at Circo Ciudad, Oskar was inspired by his peers and creative environment, enabling him to develop as a performer and tune his personal training skills. Soon after, Oskar was accepted in the two year course at the National Circus School, Circo Para Todos in Cali Colombia, where he deveoloped an origional Aerial Bicycle Act with Andrea Rios.

Following the Aerial Bicycle tours, Oskar meet Soledad Gomez in Argentina, who became his new aerial partner for the Kiebre Duo and the creation of their act SOl_O_S. With this act they participated in festivals in Europe such as Cirque Du Demain in Paris where they won the Silver Medal, and the Young Stage circus festival in Basel, Switzerland where they received the audience choice, and the Gold Medal. Also in the ‚‘Artistika‘‘ Festival in Visp-Switzerland with the Second Prize and the Public Prize .