Livia Etelka

Livia Etelka will be back in September, teaching hammock, trapeze and gyrokinesis workshop. Livia’s dance path organically evolved into the air, as she joined in 2009 La Petite Chouette Aerial Dance company, part of the Santa Barbara Centre for Aerial Dance. This allowed her to discover and study the quiet strength and intricacies of aerial dance, transferring elements of contemporary dance and translating them into the art of flight. Concentrating on the Floor to Air® dance developed by Ninette Paloma, Livia Etelka has focused on a multitude of apparatus including aerial silks, rope, static trapeze, aerial hoop, hammock, stilt walking, and tight rope. Her experience has brought her to perform around the world at aerial conventions, high-end private and corporate events, theater productions and festivals in India, California, Ireland, France, and England.
She has continued to expand her exploration of aerial arts, through the study of movement and expression with theatrical elements. Inspired by many different disciplines, Livia has gathered various levels of body awareness and conscious movement, to speak louder with her work.



We will begin with essential aerial conditioning, specific to hammock & to many other aerial apparatus.
By then discovering the basic pillars of hammock, its wraps and formulas in the air, student will learn varied, fun twisty transition and sequences, and be able to learn and explore new pathways and transitions. We will focus on finding fluidity and continuity in our movement, which we will integrate with spinning.

Beginner – Intermediate, comfort in the air and basic aerial strength required (inversion, hip pullover..)

Dates Sa, 21.09.
Time 16:30 – 18:30
Place Domgasse

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Originally called ‘Yoga for Dancers’, the GYROKINESIS Method is an exercise system that invigorates the entire body, awakening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion and creating functional, supple strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences.
Smoothly and harmoniously connected into a flow similar to dance, the exercises use gentle repetitive circling, spiraling and undulating movements with a specific rhythm, using the breath as a key ingredient. Gentle, yet invigorating, the GYROKINESIS Method works to create space in the body, mobilizing the joints and articulating the spine in all of its 7 directions, supporting to restore a healthy, balanced posture and alignment of the spine.
At the end of a class, one’s entire system is awakened, brought into greater balance, and leaving a sense of renewed vitality, calm and mental clarity.

In a workshop series, students are guided through the fundamental principles of the GYROKINESIS methodology and progressively introduced to sequences over the course of the series, developing a greater range of movement and embodiment.

Everybody is welcome (all ages, all levels)!

No prerequisites.

Dates So, 22.09.
Time 11:30 – 13:30
Place Domgasse

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FUNdamentals & Creative Transitions
During this trapeze workshop, students will learn fundamental skills and essential training both on the bar and in the ropes, creative transitions, specific conditioning exercises, and have a play at spinning on a single-point dance trapeze.
After going over essential conditioning and strength building exercises for this apparatus, each day has a different focus, progressively building towards putting all of the elements together in a sequence. The elements include:
– Rolls/hangs/Balances – Intimate relationship to the bar – exploring how to move, balance, roll, hang, play around the bar (forward/backward rolls, lion rolls, toe/heel/neck hangs, back/front balance, elbow hang, etc…)
– Life in the ropes – beautiful twisty and stylish moves in the ropes, playing with fun creative transitions and twists
– Creativity & Spinning – building up to integrate all the different skills, having a chance to find your own creative input to move through the sequence. If desired, students can explore all they’ve learned with a spin, on a single point dance trapeze.

All levels (beginner – advanced), comfort in the air and basic aerial strength required (inversion, hip pullover..)

Date So, 22.09.
Time 14:00 – 16:00
Place Domgasse

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