Powered by Aerial Silk Vienna and Aerial Sea

Thought you can´t walk on water? Thought you can´t sail the sky? Let us proof you wrong!

Be the first to experience our exclusive and unique aerial retreat on board a sailing yacht! Is there a better way to discover the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and the hidden bays of Croatia’s many islands while pursuing your passion for aerial arts? A journey like no other awaits you – don’t miss out on that once in a lifetime trip!

In need of some Vitamin Sea? We got you covered!

Wake up at a different spot every day. The first thing you’re going to see when you step on deck in the morning is the fabrics floating above the turquoise water. What adventure are you going to have today? Throw on one of our mermaid tails to dance underwater or even up in the air in our aerial net. Explore new spinning techniques on the trapeze using the water below you or try out a new drop and let the silks catch you just above the surface. Relax during a yoga session on the beach. Let us take you to stunning caves and cliffs where we will rig the fabrics for you to make some unforgettable memories. We will keep you safe during all these exciting activities. This cruise is anything but ordinary!

We want you to bring a special souvenir back home: in our aerial classes we’ll work on a choreography which you’ll be able perform above the sea by the end of the week. Two to three rigging points will be available for you the entire time, so you’re going to have enough time to practice, play and – of course – take some breathtaking pictures.

We at Aerial Silk Vienna fulfilled our dream of bringing our passion for aerial arts on vacation with us. After a week filled with magic moments we were convinced that everyone should have the opportunity to experience something like this. That’s why we want to make it possible for YOU to come with us when we set sail again for yet another unforgettable trip. In cooperation with Aerial Sea we offer a unique retreat including two classes a day (at least one of which will be on an aerial apparatus). Other highlights include cliff diving, snorkeling or mermaid swimming. Get a front row seat for beautiful sunsets and a sky full of stars. You’ll be blown away by the atmosphere on board our yacht and by the beauty of the Croatian shore.

When: August 26th to September 2nd 2017

Where: Our starting point will be the Marina Seget (Split aeria)

Prerequisites: some experience on at least one aerial apparatus (intermediate level)

Instructors: Agi and Nicola




Who’s going to be on board with me?

It’ll be an exclusive group of eight to ten students on board the Bavaria 50 Cruiser. What you’ll all have in common is your passion for aerial arts. The cabins fit two people, so why not come with your favorite training partner?

Where are we going to spend our time?

Mostly, we’re going to be on board – enjoying the sun on deck or flying above the sea on one of our aerial apparatuses. The cruiser is equipped with a dinghy that will take us ashore for some yoga on the beach or to explore the area. Whenever we stop at a marina you can stroll around, do some shopping and use the (well-kept) shower facilities.

You’ll be surrounded by water most of the time. At night, there’s a special surprise for you: fluorescent plankton sparkles in the water and starts glowing once you move. Stars above you and glowing stardust in the water around you – sounds like a fairy tale, right?

What’s our route?

Our route will take us to the most enchanting bays and ports around the islands Brac, Hvar and Vis. Keep in mind that the route can change due to weather conditions. Our starting point is in Seget Donji in the split area.

What’s the best way to get to Split?

You can get there by car (parking fees are between 30 and 70 Euros per week), by plane or by bus. In our facebook group we will share the exact directions. You will also get Agi’s and Nicola’s phone numbers. The fun begins as soon as you get there: your skipper and your instructor will be waiting for you with a welcome drink 😉

How do you ensure our safety/keep us safe?

Nicola is a well-trained skipper (who also teaches yoga and aerial) and Agi is an experienced aerial instructor from Aerial Silk Vienna. They will be in charge of your safety on board and do their best to avoid any unpleasant incidents. Rigging on the boat is safe, and with the water beneath you, you won’t miss the mats. Don’t worry about getting tangled, we can get you down anytime (even pull you back on board without you getting wet).

Do we have music on board?

Music is really important for aerial arts J There’s an audio system which you can connect your phone, iPod or mp3-player to (3,5mm plug).

Is there a shower on board?

Yes, there are showers, but we only have a limited amount of water so we have to use it sparingly. Whenever we stop at a marina, we fill up the tank (and you can also shower there).

What about electricity and internet?

There are standard European power sockets on board that you can use whenever we are wired to shore electricity at a marina or a port. We also have internet access when we’re docked. While we’re at sea you can charge your phones via 12V sockets (like the ones you would find in cars).

You’ll be too busy to be spending your time online, but you’ll be able to check your emails or social media at any port, café or restaurant ashore. The little connection we have on board primarily serves the skipper to receive weather bulletins or navigational warnings.

What about food?

We will bring all the ingredients, spices and beverages and buy more if we run low on something. Just like a real crew, we’re all going to prepare our meals together. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are going to be vegetarian so no one is excluded and we can all eat together. Please let us know ahead of time if you have any allergies or intolerances. All food on board is included, we’ll go out for dinner twice though (at charming little restaurants), which will be at your own expense. You can pay by credit/debit card or often even in Euros.

Who’s navigating the yacht?

Nicola is an experienced skipper and will gladly share some know-how if you’re interested in sailing. You can turn to her or your instructor Agi in case you need anything. They’re happy to help.

Do I get to work out every day?

Definitely! Besides our daily classes, we have activities like cliff diving, swimming, mermaid swimming and snorkeling planned for you. We even came up with a little water ballet act on our trial trip J Please be aware that our activities also depend on the weather.

Can I train on my own?

You can use our aerial equipment anytime we moor in a bay and the boat is not moving. One of our instructors will always be onboard to make sure you’re safe. The only times you can’t train on an aerial apparatus independently are during our aerial classes, when the boat is moving, in the night or whenever we’re docked at a marina.

Will I have time to relax?

Sure! Our Aerial Cruise Croatia is an aerial retreat, but primarily we want it to be a vacation. You’ll have plenty of time to relax between our aerial and yoga classes. Just enjoy the sun and let the wind play with your hair while you soak in the sea breeze… You’ll go back home feeling rested – even though we can’t promise your muscles won’t get sore all week…

Can I sleep outside?

Yes, we tried that out for you J Marion and Agi are our experts on that. You can use our aerial hammock or the sun beds on deck for your nocturnal adventure beneath an endless horizon filled with stars. Feel free to bring your own hammock or a sleeping bag!

Are we going to do some sailing?

If the wind conditions allow it – sure! Sailing is exciting and a great physical exercise! When there’s not enough wind, we just use the engine to get ahead

What if I get seasick?

In summer, weather conditions in Croatia are perfect for a gentle sailing trip. The wind rarely is strong enough for heavy waves. We’re always sailing between the mainland and the islands off shore where the sea is calm. It also allows us to react to changing weather conditions easily. Even if you do feel uneasy in the beginning, it usually passes within the first day. If you are susceptible to motion sickness or even if you’re just anxious about it, we recommend you consult a physician or a pharmacist before the trip. There are a number of remedies (including natural ones like ginger or seasick wristbands). And here’s a secret: we’ll let you steer the captains wheel in case you get nauseous (you won’t ever want to let go of it J ).

What if the weather turns bad?

Luckily, there’s hardly any bad weather days in Croatia around that time of the year (let alone more than one in row). Even though it’s not very likely, we have thought of alternative activities – just in case. One possibility is to do a video night below deck, where everyone can share their favorite aerial videos. Stretching is always an option, too J It might also be the perfect time to set some goals – what skills would you like to master and what can I do to get there? Our instructors can help you to set up a the perfect “game plan” to tackle these goals.

Besides the fun factor, your safety is the most important thing. Therefore, we have an alternative route for any kind of weather scenario. Thanks to the broad variety of beautiful cities and glorious bays, we can promise an amazing trip. We all need to be a little flexible and be able to adjust to unexpected weather conditions.  Activities can always be postponed to the next day.


Is there anything particular I need to pack?

It’s important that you do not use a hard shell suitcase – they’re very inconvenient and use up a lot of space.  We’ll provide you with a packing list prior to our trip.