Flower Bomb Photo Shoot Competition

It’s time for yet another competition! We are giving away 2 spots on our “flower bomb” photo shoot on August 17th.



Why the namer flower bomb? Because we’ll actually have a flower wall for our photo background. It might even be raining petals.  Feel free to wear flowers in your  hair as well… you get the idea!

In oder to win, please post your most colourful aerial silks photo on Facebook and don’t forget to tag us in it (“Aerial Silk Vienna”). Also, please make sure to use #AerialFlowerBomb on your post (or posts!) so we can find it! And last but not least, your entry should be on public for this competition. Now, time to get creative!

Our instructor jury is going to pick one person to join the photo shoot. We are looking for bright colours and creativity. Think bright, think bold, think girly! We didn’t call it flower bomb for nothing! 🙂 The second person to win will be the one with the most likes on Facebook. So vote for your favourites!

We are so looking forward to this!