Anton Belyakov


Anton was born into a Russian circus family, traveling the world performing the famous hand-to-hand “Little Devil” act with his father Leonid. They won Silver Medal at Cirque de Demain in 1993, before working with Circus SkrattConnyland SwitzerlandCirque du Soleil‘s SaltimbancoCircus Barum, and the Russian State Circus.

At age 16, Anton went to the Berlin Artistic School for one year. He then performed the extremely dangerous “Wheel of Death” act for Flic Flac Circus and Kinoshita Circus in Japan for the next 8 years. He then returned to Germany, performing in the top houses such as Chameleon TheaterWintergarten, the MS Europa Cruiseship Opening Tour, andGOP Variete Houses with shows such as DummyWhite Blanc AgeSeifen OperBreaking MozartSoap the Show, and Wet.

He is currently in the new Palazzo show Kings and Queens in Vienna.