Silks for Sale!


We are selling aerial SILKS at our studio – just in time for Christmas!

Just come and stop by at our studio, there will be fabric samples on display as well as a list for you to fill out your name, colour of choice and the number of metres you’d like. Your silks will be ready for you to pick up at the studio (unfortunately we don’t offer an online shopping service or shipping).

PRICE: € 5,- per metre

– ASV Purple, Aqua Sky Blue, Petticoat Pink, Berry Mauve, Aerial Cruise Turquoise, Ultra Love Violet
– Fabric Samples of all colours will be on display for you at the studio

Our new silks are super soft and silky. They’ll make drops and foot hangs feels like a walk in the park! They might however have a bit more give to them than the silks we are using in the studio right now, so if you’re unsure whether you can get used to climbing on slightly stretchy silks, you might want to give them a try first. They are 1,60 metres wide and a tad bit more translucent than our old silks (which makes for awesome photos!).

The silks tear at an exposure of 800 kg. Even drops from a great height, beats or other daring stunts won’t be able to create an exposure of that much weight. Sophie, as a matter of fact, tested this when she dropped from 6 metres and still only managed to cause a 250 kg load on the silks (and trust us, she didn’t drop gently!). 3 different, unbiased structural engineers told us that a silks – for our usage – wouldn’t ever need to hold more than 600kg – which is already playing it safe!
Please make sure to always use a figure 8 on your silks. You can learn how to safely tie your silks onto the figure 8 at our “Sicherheitstraining” course (=safety + training, please contact us for more details about this class).

Tear Resistance and Strength Test:
Each silks in every colour was tested at an unbiased inspection agency with a lab for rock climbing equipment and also by the court-certified expert Walter Siebert. The certificate is available at our studio – you are welcome to ask us about it!
Please make sure not to expose your new silks to direct sunlight or other weather conditions.