Gabriel Tramullas

A hero of our time! October 2018 we could finally welcome Gabriel Tramullas to Aerial Silk Vienna. He inspired us on so many levels and he’ll hopefully be back soon.

Youg Gabriel started to become a firefighter in a village in the mountains in Spain. He also discovered his passion for climbing in a climbers paradise like Rodellar competing in internationals free climber competitions.

With 30 he started to learn rope and took the chance to fly to the audition to Circus School of Montreal (ENCM). When to his own surprise he was taken, he took a 4 years break at the firefighting station only to return afterwards, stronger more creative and more skilled then he ever was.

At the moment he is on the mission to combine both callings. Every holiday at his main job as a firefighter he is teaching at international circus schools. And at his firefightingstation you will see more and more of his colleges on a rope.