Ariadna Vendelova

Ariadna Vendelova visited us in November 2018 and shared her amazing & unique choreographies with us. She lives in Košice, Slovakia. She is an aerial dancer, choreographer, performer and yoga teacher, focused mainly on aerial silks (fabric) and aerial hoop (cerceaux). She works, creates and performs at various events and productions together with her aerial dance companies LA LYRA & ARIADNINA NIŤ, cooperating with dancers, musicians, theatrical groups, photographers.
Her approach to movement in aerial arts is greatly influenced by yoga, dance improvisation and nature. In her aerial training she either likes to go into very clean technical practice which brings deep awareness, clarity and fluidity of movement, but she also very much enjoys to search for one´s authentic self, exploring natural ways of moving, and, most importantly, bringing dance and personal expression into aerial acrobatics. In movement, she works a lot with breath, spirals, centering, quality of movement, and moving with intention and understanding.
She was a finalist of Cyrkulacje 2018 (Lublin, Poland), U.S. Aerial Championships 2016 (NYC, USA) in 2016, and placed 1st and 3rd at International Aerial Acrobatics Championships in Budapest (Hungary) in 2016 (hoop, fabric).