Livia Etelka

Livia taught trapeze, hammock, duo hoop and gyrokinesis in November, 2018. She made us to listen to our bodies in new ways and encouraged us to connect our breath and core to the various movements. On top of that she also made us smile with her kind and warm way of teaching.

Livia’s dance path organically evolved into the air, as she joined in 2009 La Petite Chouette Aerial Dance company, part of the Santa Barbara Centre for Aerial Dance. This allowed her to discover and study the quiet strength and intricacies of aerial dance, transferring elements of contemporary dance and translating them into the art of flight. Concentrating on the Floor to Air® dance developed by Ninette Paloma, Livia Etelka has focused on a multitude of apparatus including aerial silks, rope, static trapeze, aerial hoop, hammock, stilt walking, and tight rope. Her experience has brought her to perform around the world at aerial conventions, high-end private and corporate events, theater productions and festivals in India, California, Ireland, France, and England.
She has continued to expand her exploration of aerial arts, through the study of movement and expression with theatrical elements. Inspired by many different disciplines, Livia has gathered various levels of body awareness and conscious movement, to speak louder with her work.