Sascha Bachmann

We were excited to start 2019 with Sascha Bachmann teaching handstands and straps.
Born in Germany, in 1993, Sascha Bachmann comes from a family of great gymnasts. Already at the young age of five he developed a passion and love for gymnastics that only grew stronger in him over the years. Motivated and driven by the success of his grandfather, one of the biggest gymnasts of his time, Sascha decided with only fiveteen years, after successfully competing for almost ten years on national and international level to leave his sheltered home in Germany and move to Montreal, Canada. Here he studies at the National Circus School under the supervision or renown Hand Balancing and Aerial Straps teacher Yury Bozyan. The tiny spark, created with the first steps into his hometown gym, has now flourished into a massive fire. Burning in his heart and soul, it gives him the strength and energy to push the limits and redefine circus in his own way. After almost more than 15 years in the making, Sascha Bachmann has graduated from the National Circus School in Montreal and travels the world as a circus artist. Until now he has performed on Broadway, in Las Vegas, Tokyo, Paris and many more cities all over the world. Palazzo, Wintergarten, Cirque De Demain, Les Sept Doigts De La Main and Cirque Du Soleil are just a few of the companies that gave Sascha the opportunity to share his art on their prestigious stages.