Rebekka Spiegel

In order to become a circus artist, Rebekka Spiegel has traveled the world: Amongst others she has been living in Argentina, France and Spain, where she learnt her craft from other well known artists. At the moment she is based in Barcelona. Her main discipline is the aerial rope where she is known for aRead more about Rebekka Spiegel[…]

Hanne Coeckelberghs

Her main circus discipline and biggest passion is aerial silks, which she tries to bring to a different level. Hanne really loves to explore what is possible in the tissue and developed her own style. AERIAL SILKS & STRAPS In Hanne‘s aerial silks and straps masterclass the main focus is on silks, but it willRead more about Hanne Coeckelberghs[…]

Aaron Koz

Aaron Koz is a traveling movement and circus coach and author of The Aerial Spinning Reference Guide. He completed his undergrad in neuroscience, and now offers the first introductory aerial straps teacher training. Moving from Washington, D.C. to NYC, he started at Circus Warehouse’s intensive program, and since has studied under elite coaches in SF,Read more about Aaron Koz[…]

Livia Etelka

Livia Etelka will be back in September, teaching hammock, trapeze and gyrokinesis workshop. Livia’s dance path organically evolved into the air, as she joined in 2009 La Petite Chouette Aerial Dance company, part of the Santa Barbara Centre for Aerial Dance. This allowed her to discover and study the quiet strength and intricacies of aerialRead more about Livia Etelka[…]

Jessica Jay

Jessica Jay hostet Paper Doll Milita’s Level 1 Silks Teacher Training in the second week of January, 2019. On top of that she tought various workshops on silks, rope and hammock. Jessica’s aerial style is characterized by quality of movement, emotional storytelling, and intricate choreography. Jessica is the founder and artistic director of aerial theatreRead more about Jessica Jay[…]

Sascha Bachmann

We were excited to start 2019 with Sascha Bachmann teaching handstands and straps. Born in Germany, in 1993, Sascha Bachmann comes from a family of great gymnasts. Already at the young age of five he developed a passion and love for gymnastics that only grew stronger in him over the years. Motivated and driven byRead more about Sascha Bachmann[…]

Petra Lange

Petra Lange will visited us in November 2018 to teach handstands and rope & silks. She inspired us to find our own ways of moving in the air and trust our hands in all kinds of different ways. Petra has been working as a circus artist for 20 years and teaches yoga.   “The greaterRead more about Petra Lange[…]

Ariadna Vendelova

Ariadna Vendelova visited us in November 2018 and shared her amazing & unique choreographies with us. She lives in Košice, Slovakia. She is an aerial dancer, choreographer, performer and yoga teacher, focused mainly on aerial silks (fabric) and aerial hoop (cerceaux). She works, creates and performs at various events and productions together with her aerialRead more about Ariadna Vendelova[…]

Livia Etelka

Livia taught trapeze, hammock, duo hoop and gyrokinesis in November, 2018. She made us to listen to our bodies in new ways and encouraged us to connect our breath and core to the various movements. On top of that she also made us smile with her kind and warm way of teaching. Livia’s dance pathRead more about Livia Etelka[…]

Oskar Mauricio

We were thrilled to have Oskar Mauricio back in November 2018 to teach rope and straps. His unique way of connecting movements and flowing from one shape to the next gave us a taste of that effortlessness we all strive for. Oskar’s workshops are based on the awareness of the space-time of our body inRead more about Oskar Mauricio[…]