You don’t need wings to fly!

All you need is two pieces of soft fabric, hanging from the ceiling – and a little bit of our expertise 😉 Aerial Silk is a unique workout that trains every part of your body. You’ll learn how to move vertically, wrap yourself, drop into or spin with the fabrics.  Aerial Silk magically combines elements of acrobatics and dance. 


Ahoy, Sailors!

Ususally they’re deep down in the ocean, but this anchor is meant for another element! Explore interesting new tricks on this new and innovative apparatus. For this workshop, we love to see you come dressed for the occasion. To set sail with us you should already have some aerial experience (aerial silk or any other aerial discipline).


Powerful  aesthetics! 

Stunning, dramatic and riveting – the beauty of this  unusual discipline lies in the contrast between the heavy chains and the seemingly weightless movements of the performer. This workshop is especially for those whose hearts are already chained to aerial arts.  We advise to bring some extra layers of clothing to class. 


Above the clouds lies infinte freedom!

Behind the lovely name of this apparatus lies a soft cotton rope that is rigged from two points, sort of forming the letter „U“. It offers endless possibilities for creative movement. Two swivelling joints allow for infinite rotations and mesmerizing transitions. In order to get the most out of this workshop, you should be able to confidently invert from the air. We look forward to having you at our aerial playground. 


An aerial game of dice!

No gamble here – three dimensional fun is guaranteed with this custom-made apparatus. In this class we teach tricks that can be performed solo or together with an aerial partner. They look even better once we add a little spin. At the end we put everything together to a cute little choreography. Please note that some aerial experience is required for this workshop.


Change of perspective!

Tired of standing on your feet? We’ll turn your world upside down! In this class we focus on proper body alignment and core stability for hand balancing. This workshop is suitable for all levels – whether you’ve never tried a handstand before or practice it frequently,  we’ll give you all the tools you need to stand on your own two … hands! 


Ready to fall in love with a new aerial apparatus? 

Add a little romance to your workout! You’ll be passionate about the tricks you’ll learn in this workshop. Some of them might be familiar if you have aerial hoop experience, others are unique to this beautifully shaped apparatus. At the end of this class you’ll have the opportunity to take some romantic photos – so feel free to bring some costumes.


O MG! 

This aerial apparatus makes everyone look (and feel) amazing! Tricks are performed in, under and above the hoop (also known as lyra). Our aerial hoops come in different sizes and  forms (single point, double point, tippy hoop). We sometimes work with a hand loop on top to add even more variety. We offer classes for different levels of experience, as well as choreography specials.



We’ve already caught a few aerialists with our aerial net! Dive into this exciting new discipline and you’ll discover a unique way to fly. You’ll perform tricks and transitions lying, sitting, standing or hanging.



Rope will rock your world!

Once you’ve had a taste of it, you’ll always want to hang on to it. Aerial rope is also known as “corde lisse”. Stunning poses, dynamic beats, exciting climbs and descents – it just never gets boring. It’s an entirely new art of movement. Our ropes are covered in cotton tubes so they are much smoother than the ropes you might know from gym class.


Strapstecular strength!

One strong and fearless aerialist plus two flat fabric peaces with hand loops equals an exciting and powerful form of aerial art. Meathooks, planches and roll-ups are some of the power moves that are often performed on aerial straps. As this is one of the most challenging disciplines, previous aerial experience is required for this workshop.



When childhood dreams come true…

Trapeze is one of the oldest and probably most famous circus arts. The flowing movements are fascinating to spectators! We teach static trapeze (single and double point). In our classes you will learn poses and sequences on and below the bar, as well as on the ropes. 


This class has been especially designed for the physical needs of our aerial students. To make your performance look effortless, you need proper technique as well as a functioning interaction of your muscles, tendons and joints. To reach that kind of perfection, aerialists need specific training. In this workshop our physiotherapist Laszlo explains which muscle groups are needed for which silks trick. He’ll also show you how to train those particular muscles.  We’ll focus on the principles of movement and body alignment. A manual will be handed to you at the end of class to help you with your training.