Make Up Classes – Aerial Silk Level Course

Missing a single unit is already accounted for in the course’s concept and will therefore not have an impact on the following of future units. In case you miss more than one unit due to sickness or injury, you can join another course for a make up class. In this case send us an e-mail to: office@aerialsilk.at


Cancellation and swapping of units

General extensions:

Open Silk – up to 24h prior to start
Level Courses / Workshops – up to 1 week prior to start

You can cancel booked courses and workshops up to 1 week prior to class start via Eversports. Fees cannot be refunded but will remain active as a product in the prevailing account. This product can be cashed in through future bookings of the same value.

Single course slots can be passed on up to 48h prior to start of the unit. The substitute needs to fulfil the prerequisites of said workshop / course.
In this case send us an e-mail to office@aerialsilk.at including the following details:
– Class title
– Date
– Name and e-mail address of your substitute
The substitution needs to be confirmed by ASV via e-mail prior to class attendance.
All financial matters are to be discussed between the students only and do not include any action of ASV.



Vouchers are available on the Eversports online shop and can be cashed in through said webshop.

In case you possess an old ASV paper voucher, send us a picture including the reference number to office@aerialsilk.at. Your voucher will then be transferred to your Eversports account.


Open Silk

Packages of 10 and 20 Open Silk units can be purchased and cashed in through the Eversports online shop.
Open Silk dates are visible in our online calendar and are available for booking 1 month prior to start.


Waiting List

Eversports offers a waiting list function for students. Inscription to the waiting list exclusively works via the Eversports smartphone app.

If a slot is cancelled, everyone on the waiting list is notified – the open slot will be passed on by the first come, first serve principle.
Important: activate push notifications for the app!


Booking Malfunctions

Why am I unable to book a course / workshop?

There are two reasons the booking of a class / workshop is not possible.

1. The wanted course / workshop is already fully booked. The button reads “course / workshop is sold out”.
2. The wanted course / workshop is already published on the website, but not yet open for booking. The button reads “booking is currently not possible”. The info on when new courses / workshops are open for booking are released through our monthly newsletter. Make sure you subscribe through your Eversports account in order to stay up to date!

ASV members are first to receive news – all information on our membership and its perks go here: www.aerialsilk.at/de/mitgliedschaft/

Where can I book Open Silks, trial classes, etc.?

Open Silk units can be booked through our online calendar under the category “classes” and are marked pink. Just click through the dates until the wanted unit comes up!
Note: Open Silk units only open for booking one month prior to start!

Security classes are to be booked through our online calendar under the category “classes” as well and are marked dark blue.
With the booking of a security class you receive 1 Open Silks unit for free!

Trial and conditioning classes are to be found under “courses” like all level courses.
All star workshops and exclusive aerial workshops can be booked under “workshops”.


Drop In: “I want to attend a single level course unit to refresh my aerial skills!”

In that case, send us an email including the info on what level course you’re interested in and what unit you would like to attend. A “drop in” unit is charged with 25€ and can only be purchased, if there are still slots available and you fulfill all prerequisites for said level course.


Vacancy: “Can I join a level course that has already started?”

You can join in on an already running level course if there are still slots left. If you already completed said level once, you can join whenever you please. In case you chose to book said level for the very first time, we advice to join in on the second unit at the latest.
Book the level class as usual and send us an email to office@aerialsilk.at.
In that case you only pay for all following units, not for the whole course.


Sickness or pregnancy

All attendees need to be in a general healthy physical state. In case of a sickness or a pregnancy it is up to the participants’ personal responsibility, to discuss the attendance with a medical advisor beforehand.


“How old do I need to be to join regular courses at ASV? Are there any age limits?”

In order to join a regular level course, you need to be at least 14 years old. For our younger aerial lovers there are exclusive kids & teens courses.
There are no age limits when it comes to aerial training. Anybody interested in joining us is welcome!