Terms and Conditions



Aerial Silk Vienna

Owner Sophie Pfaffstaller – Domgasse 8, Vienna 1010

(hereinafter referred to as: ASV)


  1. Scope of Application:

These terms and conditions apply to all services provided by ASV, in particular to classes and workshops at all locations, where they are led by ASV. By booking one or several sessions our clients accept the following terms and conditions.


  1. Terms of Use

a) By having purchased and registered for any class(es) or workshop(s) each client is entitled to use all premises of ASV studios during the duration of the courses only. The client is entitled to use all premises of ASV for getting changed and for showering 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the end of any session/workshop.

b) All services provided by the ASV studio are generally open to all clients. However, there is no legal claim for the usage of services. There are limited spots for each session or workshop. Clients must meet special conditions or personal requirements, if demanded by any of the ASV services.

If clients do not fulfil these requirements, ASV is hence not obliged to provide any service.

c) Clients using all premises of the studio must conduct themselves such that, no disruptions of classes or workshops take place, the equipment of the studio is treated carefully and/or other participants do not feel disturbed. In the interest of all participants, clients must follow all instructions given by ASV employees. Major violations of the terms and conditions and the corresponding instructions of ASV employees by clients, including assaults, threats, insults, sexual harassment, theft, lack of hygiene etc. will lead to a ban from the studio, by the first violation already, without this leading to any repayment obligation.


  1. Payment Terms and Cancellation

Booking and payment of classes are completed online. Course fees, that are already paid, shall not be reimbursed. However, each participant (student) is entitled to name a replacement participant up to 48 hours before the start of a training session. This rebooking is free of charge for the participant. Partial participation in any event does not entitle the participant to a payment reduction, unless this has already been agreed upon at the time of registration (e.g. joining a class, that is not fully booked).


  1. Subject to Modifications

Aerial Silk Vienna reserves the right to change location, date or time or to cancel classes for good cause (e.g. insufficient enrolment). Aerial Silk Vienna will offer an alternate date or refund the course fee. Replacement of the scheduled instructor shall not entitle the participant to a payment reduction and/or cancellation.


  1. Exclusion of Liability

The client is informed, that there are no lockers available in the premises of AVS. Personal items or valuables are left unattended in the changing room. Valuables shall be taken into the course room, if brought along. In the case of loss of clothing, valuables or money, liability is excluded, as far as no presence of any employee of ASV is proven.

Users of services offered by ASV do at their own risk. ASV does not bear any liability for accidents or physical harm of clients resulting from this. ASV also does not bear liability for any consequences resulting from improperly performed exercises. In this regard, reference is made to section 6.


  1. Health Conditions of Clients

By registering for a class or workshop, each client bindingly declares that he/she is physically healthy and mentally stable and meets the physical and mental demands. He/she declares that he/she shall only participate in such a state. Participation in classes/workshops under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medicines is prohibited. With his/her participation he/she assures that he/she does not suffer from any infectious disease and therefore confirms their ability to perform the exercises, unless he/she is under medication. In case of any doubt, ASV shall consult a doctor. Chronic diseases and other physical or mental pain or suffering, which could affect other participants or endanger them, must be reported to the instructors before the start of each session. In the case of pregnancy, clients must carry out medical examination.


  1. Privacy Policy

Other than for the fulfilment of the contract, the client’s personal data may be used for own advertising purposes. The client’s data may not be given to third parties. He/she agrees that his/her personal data will be stored in ASV’s data-processing system for a maximum period of 10 years after the last visit to the studio. All data will be handled in compliance with the laws and regulations governing the handling data.


  1. Venue, Applicable Law

Place of jurisdiction shall exclusively be the court legally responsible for the first district of Vienna (1010 Wien).


  1. Miscellaneous Provisions

No side agreements exist for these terms and conditions. Changes to these terms and conditions require the written form as well as the submission of modifications. If individual clauses of these terms and conditions should be or become in whole or in part ineffective, the validity of the remaining clauses shall remain unaffected and the principle of this contract shall be preserved, whereby the ineffective clause shall be replaced by an effective one, which comes next to the economic purpose of the ineffective clause. The requirement of written form shall be met by electronic transmission, such as e-mail. All messages between the contracting parties may be sent by email, if the client provides an email address.