Aerial Silk Vienna offers custom performances for parties, weddings, corporate events, galas, film, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and other special occasions.

We provide an array of aerial performances that you can choose from to make your event memorable and unique.


Jaw-dropping aerial performances will turn your event into a special and unique experience.
Choose from a variety of aerial apparatuses including fabrics, lyra (hoop), chains, cube, trapeze & rope (corde lisse) and create your customised show.

Performances can be performed solo or simultaneously by several artists at a single time or at multiple times and last from about 5 to 15 minutes (depending on requests). We are also co- performing with other artists like musicians, contortionists, fire jugglers, etc.
To ensure the safety of performers and spectators we have put up criteria for rigging equipment (Please check the events faq’s section below)

Please contact us at for availability, installation and rates.



What kind of entertainment can you offer?

Aerial Silk Vienna offers cirque inspired entertainment including aerialists and contortionists. Our array of aerial apparatuses is ranging from fabrics, lyra (aerial hoop), cube, rope (corde lisse), trapeze, aerial chains and aerial net.

Please, contact ASV if your request is not mentioned above. We are constantly expanding our repertoire.

What is the price for an event?

For rates please contact us directly. Pricing will be based on several factors like location, transportation time, rigging, number of performances and performers and preparation.

What room height is required?

Depending on the aerial apparatus, the required height varies. Please consider a minimum height of 3,5 meters (11feet and 5.8inches). Generally, the higher the ceiling the more flexible the performance. If you do not have proper rigging opportunity at your venue we can offer rigging equipment for rental. In this case the minimum height should be at least 5 meters (16feet and 4.85inches).

How long in advance do I need to book my aerial performance?

It depends on how elaborate the preparation for the show is. Ideally, the earlier the better. But we'll do our best to help you out with spontaneous requests.


We offer professional aerial photo shootings including our experienced aerial photographer to give you aesthetic and extravagant pictures to take home.

  • Photographer: Laszlo Roth
  • Shooting 3 models per hour (please note make-up is not provided)
  • Rate: 90 per person
  • Can be booked only on specific dates
  • Fotograph: Laszlo Roth

Rent our studio for your personal photo experience. Having your personal photographer but missing room height for aerial shootings?

  • Come and rent our studio for 2hrs for 90€

We are currently collaborating with upcoming photographers who want to boost their photo book by aerial photography. We provide our studio and an ASV aerialist/model. Terms will be individually negotiated between photographer and model/aerialist.

Please contact us for availability at