I am the founder of Aerial Silk Vienna. It was 2012 when I established the studio with the help of my family and friends. Back then I developed the concept of the classes and Aerial Silk Vienna’s philosophy together with Filiz and „The Three Muscleteers“ a.k.a. Marion, Viki and Stephi who were the first generation of students. We still use the same class concept that proved itself worth until now and was further developed many times.

In real life, I’m a clinical psychologist and work in a hospital. After a long day at work, I love climbing up the silks higher and higher to find a little bit of relaxation and freedom. My current obsession is aerial rope.

What gives me aerial goosebumps:
descents in slow-motion on the aerial rope an free dives

Where to find me:
Facebook: Sophie Skywalk
Instagram: sophie_skywalk
Youtube: Sophie Skywalk


Nadine is definitely the rockstar out of us „Silkies“. After taking our classes, she used to practice aerial silks on stages like the one at Gasometer in Vienna. Without an audience back then. But actually she’s more than ready to perform with rockstars.

Her mother was a competitive athlete so Nadine grew up doing sports. After several years of jazz dance she had to pause due to an injury. Aerial silks reawakened her passion for sports and changed her life for the better. She’s ready for the challenge of letting difficult tricks and choreographies look like an graceful walk in the park. As an instructor at Aerial Silk Vienna, Nadine wants to give this joy to all future aerialists.

What gives her aerial goosebumps: straight arm straddle ups & aerial choreographies with a melancholic-gloomy soundtrack

Where to find her:
Youtube: therealkipferl


Agi is our circus fairy. Airy and light and seemingly weightless, she whirls through the air on the trapeze and is an unexpected power bundle. Agi will manage the hardest skills with ease. Since her childhood, she has been a sucker for the circus.  She’s bringing the circus spirit to our team, as well as the team spirit. Being our IT-troubleshooter, she always has the answer to questions like: „Where’s the blue emoji on my keyboard?“ Or: „How can I find out my Youtube password?“ As a graphic designer with some serious drawing skills, Agi played a big role in the new design of Aerial Silk Vienna. The only time Agi takes time off her beloved trapeze is when she’s playing on fun new apparatuses like her cloud swing.

She gets Aerial goosebumps watching performances that let her forget to watch the technique and when students turn choreographies they learned into their own thing.

Where to find her:
Facebook: Agi Ofner
Instagram: agilethingss


Info coming soon..


Astrid’s career as an actress has led her from the Viennese Burgtheater to the Kabarett Simpl. Her event company „Show & Act“ offers (anything from) clown and Marilyn Monroe performances.

As an instructor for acting, circus sports and body language she enjoys communicating the seemingly unattainable in playfully simple steps.

When it comes to sports, Astrid is all about the aerial silks. With years of teaching experience, Astrid helps her students to actually build a show act out of isolated tricks and poses. She will teach you how to refine your choreography with an individual touch.

What gives her aerial goosebumps:
spectacular drops

Where to find her:
Facebook: Laura Luftseide
Youtube: Astrid Roenig


Carina is the special kind of teacher, who strives to meet every students need and make even the hardest poses accessible to everyone. She finds solutions for every challenge – in the process she might even create a new class format like “Relax/Repeat/Refine”. The journey becomes the destination and it makes her happy to be part of yours and to see efforts come to fruition. She pours all her heart into choreographies.

Where to find her:
Facebook: Filiz Aerial Silk
Instagram: flairial
Youtube: flairial


Denise loves to travel more than anything and made it to far away and exotic places like Australia and Bali. One of her hobbies is surfing. She is an aerial duo partner, whom you can trust with your life. 

She has also some experience with Flying Trapeze and loved the thrill of it! She is a cheerful and outgoing person and enjoys teaching our kids classes, raising the next generation of aerialists. As an instructor she is encouraging safety and creative expression.


Laszlo is not only our go-to photographer whenever we have another crazy photo shoot idea in mind, but also our regular physiotherapist. To cheat gravity, a certain amount of strength and endurance is essential. Laszlo created his very own specific strength and endurance workout called „Power to the Silks“. It will help you prepare yourself for the fight against gravity. In case you want to hold on to your achievements and capture them, you can go ahead and book a photo shoot with Laszlo as well. He’s the one responsible for all the awesome pics on our website. He has many years of experience in aerial arts photography. What fascinates him about it is not only the sporty/athletic aspect but also the beauty of the movement. 

What gives him aerial goosebumps:
pointed toes on photos

Where to find him:
Facebook: Laszlo Roth
Instagram: visuallaszlo / motionlaszlo


 Gregor, who has been an instructor for „Circus Kaos“ for years, has already coached Filiz and me in the preparations for their first performances in 2011. He can transfer his analytical – and observation skills to aerial silks as an instructor. Gregor spent his youth studying sports and doing apparatus gymnastics. As an adult, he became interested in aesthetic-acrobatic sports such as modern dance and circus acrobatics. Gregor has a talent for working with children and regularly teaches the kid’s classes at our studio. He is an artist and that shows in both his expressive aerial silks choreographies and his band „Miss Gurnard“as a musician.


Lena has been training martial arts for a couple of years. No surprise she didn’t hesitate fighting gravity, too. Watching her in the air, it’s pretty obvious who wins the fight. Victory goes to Lena! 🙂

Lena has never been afraid of heights – even as a child she had a trapeze and a swing in her room. So clearly she was stoked by aerial silks, too, when she saw it for the first time. In her classes, Lena is always sure to provide a creative warm-up and following class. She will happily accompany you from the very beginning of your aerial-flight. It’s always a great pleasure for her to see her student’s progress. Within walking distance of the studio Lena manages an ice cream shop called „Eis-Greissler“ ( Our team will always find a reason to treat ourselves with some of their delicious ice cream varieties.

She gets aerial goosebumps when she tries a new drop for the first time.

Where to find her:
Instagram: aerialena


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Coming soon…


Nielu lives for sparking passion in other people. To her it comes effortless in Aerial, as well as any other thing that she burns for. Her specialities are creative improvisations and fancy conditioning exercises. 

She is a trained interpreter and helps students with all she’s got to overcome obstacles by teaching to trust your instincts. This is how she makes your aerial dreams reality. 

Where to find her:
Instagram: rewritenilu


Coming soon…


Due to Stephi’s ambition and ability she made such a rapid progress that she was the first student to become an instructor at Aerial Silk Vienna. She’s got an eagle eye for pointed toes and other details that could be improved, no matter how small they may be. Her funny and straightforward nature sometimes reminds me of a drill instructor. This much is certain: she wants to get the best out of you.

Stephi is a nutritionist by day and an aerialist by night. She works at a pharmaceutical company. After a day at work, nothing relaxes her more than turning on her favourite music and working the silks. Like so many in our highly competent, multiprofessional team, Stephi is also a certified yoga instructor.

What gives her aerial goose bumps: Not only when the fluent movements on the silks harmonize perfectly with the music and the silk catches her but also seeing the sparks in her student’s eyes when they experience their first successes on the fabrics and aerial silks turns into more than „just sports“ for them.


Valerie was an ASV student for many years. At some stage it was high time for her to become a member of our team. Her extensive Aerial Know-How is continuously honed by many local as well as international teachers. 

You might see her floating gracefully on the silks, hammock, rope or straps. She is true multi-talent and loves expressing emotions in her aerial choreography.