Terms and Conditions
1. Registration
Registration for courses and workshops must take place through the designated registration form online at www.aerialsilk.at. The registration is valid only after you receive a confirmation email. Your spot in the course will be fixed, as soon as Aerial Silk Vienna receives your course-fee.
The number of participants is limited to number of spots offered for each course. Should demand exceed the number of spots offered by Aerial Silk Vienna, the registration will be carried out according to the chronological order the registrations have been received. By registering for a course, the participant acknowledges and agrees to the term and conditions of Aerial Silk Vienna.
2. Fees

Fees at the time of registration apply.
3. Terms of payment and cancellation

After recieving a confirmation via email, fees be payed in full within the specified time-frame by bank-transfer to the specified account. Delays in payment may result in a cancellation of your registration. Participants have the right to name a substitute participant without addition cost. Partial participation (i.e. missing out on some units) does entitle the participant to a rebate or refund (except this has been specifically agreed upon in advance).
4. Changes

Aerial Silk Vienna reserves the right to change the time or location of events or cancel them altogether for good cause (e.g. too few registrations). In case of a cancellation Aerial Silk Vienna will offer an alternative or refund an fees payed in advance. Changes in course instructors do not entitle participants to rebates or refunds.
5. Copyright

Names and explanations of course contents offered by Aerial Silk Vienna are intended for private use of participants only. Participants must not violate or infringe any copyrights of Aerial Silk Vienna.
Aerial Silk Vienna reserves the right to exclude individuals that infringe copyrights from all current and future courses and expel them from all cooperating sites.
Specific names for courses and contents thereof as well as contents of the website must only be copied or used with explicit written consent of Aerial Silk Vienna.
6. Privacy

The necessary personal information of participant will be stored on data storage media. The participant agrees to the collection, processing and use of this data for handling communication, registrations and transactions. Participants can withdraw this agreement at all times, in which case all data will be deleted after the business transaction is completed.
7. Liability

Insurance lies in the responsibility of the participant. Aerial Silk Vienna is not liable for particular individual progress and personal use of course-contents. Participants train at theri own risk. Aerial Silk Vienna is not liable in case of theft or loss of personal items. Only individuals who demonstrate very good health status are allowed to participate in the courses.
8. Jurisdiction

Austrian law applies; place of jurisdiction is Vienna.