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Unser Angebot


In unseren Levelkursen kannst du Schritt für Schritt in die Welt der Aerial Akrobatik eintauchen und lernst über mehrere Wochen erste Figuren und Abfolgen kennen.

Open Classes & Training

Verfeinere deine Skills mit einzenlen Klassen, oder trainiere selbstständig in den Open Trainings.


Tauche ein in Choreografien, Conditioning Einheiten und erweitere deinen Horizonz mit unseren Gasttrainern.


Möglich in allen Aerial Disziplinen!
Preise bei 1 Person - 75 EUR;
bei 2 Personen - 55 EUR p.P.;
bei 3 Personen - 45 EUR p.P.


Spezielle Kurse für Kinder und Jugendliche von 6 bis 14 Jahren. Zum kreativen Austoben und über-sich-hinauswachsen. Einsteigen jederzeit möglich!


Physiostherapeut:innen, die sich mit unserer Sportart auskennen sind wichtig und rar.


Egal ob für dich, oder doch deinen liebsten Aerial Buddy (oder die Person, die das noch werden soll.)


Werde Teil der Aerial Silk Vienna Family und genieße viele Vorteile!


Du kannst auch im Urlaub nicht ohne Aerial? Tauche ein in unsere Retreat Auswahl.


Werde Teil der Aerial Silk Vienna Family!

Du möchtest öfter mit uns in der Luft schweben? Dann nütze die Mitgliedschaft mit folgenden Vorteilen:

  • Newsletter & Kursankündigungen zwei Tage vor allen anderen

  • Vergünstigte Level-Kurse: zahle 114 Euro statt 126 Euro pro Kurs (gültig für alle 6-wöchigen Level-Kurse, auch Trapez, Hoop, Rope, usw.) - gültig für das aktuelle Kalenderjahr!

  • Einen Open Silk 10-er Block gratis dazu - gültig ab Kaufdatum für 1 Jahr!

  • Vergünstigte Rig-Miete – du kannst unser Rig für 70 Euro statt 100 Euro/Tag mieten

  • Exklusive Einladungen zu “Mitglieder-Get Togethers”

  • einmalige Zahlung - verlängert sich nicht automatisch

Unsere Luftakrobatik Geräte

Häufig gestellte Fragen

  • I missed a unit. Can I recover it?
    A one-time absence in our level courses is calculated. If you are absent more than once due to illness or injury, you can catch up one lesson in a different level course. In this case, please email Regarding workshop units or single classes, it generally is not possible.
  • Until when can I cancel my Open Training session?
    Up to 24 hours before the beginning of the session using the Eversports app. Even if this deadline has passed, we ask you to cancel your attendance using the app so others can attend the session.
  • Until when can I cancel my course or workshop?
    Up to one week before the start of the course. An exchange is possible up to 48h before the start of the course. - Booked courses and workshops can be cancelled via Eversports up to 1 week before the start of the course. Course fees cannot be refunded but remain as an active product indefinitely in the Eversports app and can be redeemed directly for future courses and workshops. The spot for the course can be given to another participant up to 48h before the start of the course, provided they meet the respective level requirements. In this case, send us an email with the following information: Course Name Date Name and email of the respective participant This change must first be confirmed by Aerial Silk Vienna by e-mail before the start of the course. The course fees will be charged directly between the person making the payment and the person taking the course.
  • What are the pre-requisites for joining the Aerial Silks course?
    There are no pre-requisites for participating in any of the Trial lessons or Level 1 courses. There is no requirement for flexibility or strength- so don’t worry! Our course concepts are based on the assumption that absolute beginners will be joining the beginners courses. The course requirements for each level are written in the description of each course.
  • Why am I not able to book a course or workshop?
    If you are not able to register for a course or a workshop, there are two reasons: Your desired course or workshop is already fully booked. The registration button on Eversports will say “Course/workshop is fully booked”. You can use the Eversports app to add yourself to the waiting list and you will receive a notification if a spot becomes available The course is already online, but is not yet available for registration. In this case, the button will say “No registration possible”. More information regarding this course, including the dates for registration, will be published with our next Newsletter. Members can access this information beforehand.
  • How does the waiting list work?
    Eversports offers a waiting list function on the smartphone app. If a place becomes available, ALL members of the waiting list will receive a notification simultaneously. The free spot will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. Important: make sure push notifications are enabled for the Eversports app on your smartphone.
  • What age do I need to be to join an aerial course?
    The minimum age for our adult courses is 14 years old. For younger participants, we have Kids & Teens classes. Overall, there is no age restriction for aerial silks. Everyone who would like to take part is welcome, regardless of age or ability.
  • I'm queer/old/weigh a lot/can't do the splits/identify as a man - can I still come to your classes?
    Absolutely! We are convinced: Aerial is for everyBODY! All people are welcome in our courses and we look forward to every new aerialist! There are no weight or age limits - our trainers respond to all course participants individually!
  • How can I buy gift cards/vouchers and redeem them?
    Vouchers are available online in the Eversports Webshop and can be redeemed directly through Eversports.
  • Can I attend individual level course units for a refresher course?
    A “drop-in” hour costs 28 Euro and can only be booked if there are still spaces available for that course, and all previous lessons for that course have been completed. If you are interested in a drop-in class, please e-mail us with the course and date you wish to attend.
  • Can I join a course that has already started?
    You can join an level course that has already started as long as there are still spots available. If you have previously completed this level, you can join the course at any given time. If this is your first time completing this level, we recommend that you join the course at the second lesson by the latest. Send us an email to as in this case, you only have to pay for the sessions that have not yet taken place.
  • How can I book an Open Training?
    Blocks of 10 and 20 can be bought and redeemed via the Eversports webshop. Open Silk appointments can be seen in the calendar but can only be booked one month in advance.
  • How can I book a safety training course?
    Safety trainings sessions can be found under “Workshops”. Booking a safety training course comes with 1 free Open Training unit.
  • How can I book a trial lesson?
    Trial lessons can be found under "Classes".
  • How can I book a conditioning class?
    Conditioning units can be found under "Classes".
  • How can I find classes with a guest trainer?
    All star workshops and extraordinary aerial workshops can be found under "Workshops".
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