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Defying Gravity

Welcome to Aerial Silk Vienna!
We are the biggest school for Aerial acrobatics in Austria.

What is aerial acrobatics?

Aerial /ˈɛːrɪəl/ - airy, in the air

In sports, aerial acrobatics is defined as gymnastics and dancing in the air using an apparatus hanging from the ceiling.

Aerial is a form of acrobatics in the air that fascinates and attracts spectators worldwide. It combines acrobatics and dance - the most famous of which is probably the trapeze. Our most popular apparatus is Aerial Silk, two long vertical pieces of fabric. However, there are no limits in the air, and we offer various apparatuses such as aerial hoop/lyra, aerial cube, aerial net, aerial rope and much more. 

Aerial is for everyBODY! Everyone is welcome in our classes, regardless of gender, age, weight, body type, sexual orientation, athletic experience, or background. Our studios and classes are safe spaces where everyone can learn aerial at their own pace. No one is discriminated against, and there are no classes for specific groups.

Immerse yourself in the world of aerial arts by joining us for a trial lesson, in courses, or a workshop. Alternatively, you can add glitz and glamour to your event with a unique aerial performance.


Aerial Silk Vienna 

Domgasse 8, 1010 Vienna

Phone: +43 677 620 360 76


Office hours Monday to Friday 09:00 - 15:00

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