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About Us

Aerial Silks Vienna’s mission is to teach aerial acrobatics in the most effective and safe way.


In order to guarantee the quality of our courses, our trainers are certified aerial coaches who teach this sport at a high level pedagogically and didactically. All trainers have completed globally recognized teacher training courses on aerial acrobatics. Our team is composed of not only passionate teachers but multiple professionals from diverse areas, including physiotherapy, sports psychology, medicine, law, and circus arts. The know-how from all these disciplines has been built into the concepts of our courses, with exercises and tricks taught systematically. Therefore, knowledge is built strategically, from simple figures to longer and more challenging sequences. 


Our goal is to encourage and support our students to perform at their best and reach their highest potential. Our trainers are incredibly passionate aerialists who have turned what was initially a hobby into a profession. The team has evolved from supportive colleagues to good friends.


The happiness we experience when we do Aerial Silks is multiplied by sharing it with others. 


We aim to cultivate an environment of mutual support and personal development. Since the foundation of our studio, we have developed a welcoming atmosphere. We love to work with circus schools, dance schools, and sports clubs from Austria and abroad, and we find networking with international studios and artists very rewarding. 


Aerial Silk Vienna provides the infrastructure and knowledge for the safe and successful practice of aerial arts for everyone. We are always happy to welcome guest teachers and students from abroad to get in touch with our local aerial community.

Sporting success

At Aerial Silk Vienna, we want to help all students achieve their aerial acrobatics goals. Given that aerial acrobatics is a dangerous sport, safety is very important to us. We are always thinking that this artistry should be practiced and implemented safely. 


One of our resolutions is that not only professional artists and fitness junkies can practice this sport. Basic fitness is enough to achieve big goals using our techniques, strategies, and strength training by implementing small steps. 


Although we challenge our students to reach their limits, we do not overstep them. Seemingly impossible things become tangible faster than you can imagine. To discover your true potential, you must first find your own limits and be courageous to push them and work around them. 


For us, the path is the goal, and the training should always be fun. Success is not something that happens; instead, it is trained and earned. The training should feel good, be fun and encourage you to find and expand your capabilities.

The training should do you good, be fun and encourage you
finding and expanding your limits.

Our Team

Supporters, Guest Trainers & Friends

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