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Aerial Shows

Planning a party, a wedding, a company event, or a bachelor party? Make your event an unforgettable experience! We have a range of shows and acts that will make the guests’ jaws drop!


Aerial shows are fascinating performances at large heights and are a great addition to your event. We offer performances with different aerial disciplines, and we can develop them according to your personal wishes or ideas. Whether it is on silks, hoop, chains, cube, trapeze, net, rope, a solo or duo number, each show lasts about 5-15 minutes.


Due to the height and danger involved in aerial acrobatics, some conditions must be in place to ensure the safety of the performers and the audience. If your space does not offer suitable suspension but is at least 5 meters high, we can set up our aerial rig in form of a tripod to perform on. We would be happy to present a pricing offer for your event. 

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Show FAQs

What performances do you offer?

We offer shows with a variety of aerial devices, such as aerial silks, hoop, chains, net, cube, rope, trapeze, straps and much more. We also have apparatuses in special shapes, such as a heart-, moon- or diamond-type hoop. Our repertoire is constantly expanding, so feel free to write us if you are interested in anything specific.

How high does the room have to be for an aerial show?

The minimum room height varies depending on the aerial discipline, but generally, the lowest height possible is 3.5 meters. The higher the room, the more flexible we can be with our performances. We can also offer to set up our Aerial Rig in form of a tripod to hang our equipment or for outdoor events. For this, the room height should ideally be min. 5 meters.

How long before the event do I have to book a show?

This depends on how complex the preparations for the show are. Ideally, as early as possible. However, we are also happy to receive spontaneous invitations.

How much does a performance cost?

The price varies from 500 - 1000 EUR per artist depending on the requirements. Since each performance requires different preparation and equipment, we cannot quote a flat rate. We are happy to present you an individual offer for your event at any time. You can find detailed information in the Aerial Silk Vienna Performance Info Sheet.

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