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our philosophy

Aerial Silk Vienna has made it its mission to teach aerial acrobatics safely and efficiently.

In order to guarantee the quality of the courses, our trainers are not only certified aerial coaches, but also teach this sport pedagogically and didactically at a high level. For example, all trainers have completed a globally recognized teacher training course for aerial acrobatics. Our team not only combines the passion for aerial, but also multi-professional thinking, which allows the different professional professions to become a synergy of physiotherapy, sports psychology, medicine, law and circus acrobatics. The know-how of all these different disciplines has been built into the concept of our courses. The exercises and tricks are taught systematically. Building up and strategically you get from simple characters to bigger and bigger challenges.

Our goal is to encourage all students to perform at their best and thus support them to get the best out of them! The trainers from Aerial Silk Vienna have turned a hobby into a profession. It will always be passion. Das team  has meanwhile changed from supportive colleagues to good friends.


The happiness we experienced when we started Aerial Silks has multiplied as we have shared it with others.

We want to cultivate a climate of "mutual support" and "personal development". This led to an almost family-like atmosphere during the courses in the first year. We also like to work with other circus schools, dance schools or sports clubs and experience networking in Austria and internationally with other schools as very enriching.

Aerial Silk Vienna provides the infrastructure for a successful and safe practice of the sport for our students as well as for students from other schools.

Sporting success

Aerial Silk Vienna wants to help all participants to achieve their aerial acrobatics goals. Because aerial acrobatics are dangerous, safety is very important to us. We always keep in mind that this type of artistry should be lived and implemented as a health-promoting sport.

One of our resolutions is that not only artists and fitness junkies can practice this sport. Basic fitness is enough to achieve big goals with our taught technique, strategy and strength training - by implementing small steps.

Although we bring our students to their limits, we do not exceed them. Seemingly impossible things become tangible faster than you can imagine. To discover your true potential, you must first find your own limits and then have the courage to push them!

For us, the path is the goal: the training should be good and fun!

Success is not something that just happens - success is learned, success is trained.

The training should do you good, be fun and encourage you
Finding and expanding your own limits.

Our team


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