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Laszlo Roth

Laszlo knows aerial acrobatics like no other. He has accompanied our team for a long time, both as a photographer and a physiotherapist, and he always gives necessary training inputs and inspiration.

"In a collaborative process, functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system are recognized, and optimal movement patterns are developed. The goal is preventive, or after illness or accident, to find the best possible normalization of the movement functions. This is done through passive movements, active exercises, and consideration of influencing factors."

Location: Vienna

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Nicola Kramer

Nicola was a trainer at Aerial Silk Vienna before she became a physiotherapist. She knows typical aerial problems from her students and also from herself. She has made it her mission to support individuals to become fit (again) for aerial acrobatics in the long term.

"My goal as a physiotherapist specializing in aerial acrobatics is to support your personal training progress, define your goals, and create a program tailored to your needs in order to optimize your performance (not just in the air). I especially focus on the quality of movement, such as looking at the body as a whole and recognizing the connections." 

Location: online, worldwide

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